Shoe Spy Camera from EYE Poker Cheating Center Adds a New Dimension to Poker Game Cheating

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - China - EYE Poker Cheating Center, a reputable seller of poker cheating devices, also offers shoe spy camera, a very different type of poker cheating device which takes player stealth and winning chances to an altogether different level. However, the owners said that the cheating device is optimally effective for two distinct types of poker games, namely Blackjack and Baccarat. For other types of poker games, as the owners indicated, the shoe spy camera may not be effective.

The poker shoe helps users see each of the cards in the shoe. The owners suggested that the users should only play with poker cards which have their edges marked for easy identification during poker games. Additionally, the second user or the assistant to the main poker player at the table is provided with a cell phone or TV or PC, which has a display unit and can be connected with the shoe. This way, the assistant can know what’s written on the cards and tell the actual player.

“This type of poker cheating device is actually very effective for players who are trying their luck in Blackjack or Baccarat. If someone does not want to display the first poker card, he can simply press the remote button so that the first card gets hidden instantaneously. When the user thinks it is the right time to deal the hidden card, he can just let the card out”, said an executive while speaking on behalf of EYE Poker Cheating Center.

The manufacturers have used spy pin-hole camera lens for making this cheating contrivance. According to them, the device can scan and read information from 20 cards at one go. Additionally, the battery can provide service nonstop for six hours, which is why the device can be very useful for playing poker for hours at a stretch, or so the owners claimed. They also said that live feed can be sent to the user sitting approx 30 meters away from his assistant. “The kit comes with a poker shoe, one remote, one charger, transit and speaker or earpiece with one piece each”, told a sales executive.

About the Company

EYE Poker Cheating Center is a reputable manufacturer of poker cheating devices.

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