Eyemarkedcards.com Sunglasses Contacts Are Stylish New Poker Cheat Devices with High Effectiveness

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - China - Eyemarkedcards.com, a name that poker cheating enthusiasts can easily recognize, has once again pleasantly surprised their patrons by launching sunglasses contacts, a special type of sunglasses that can help poker players in quickly identifying marked poker cards, without anyone really suspecting or noticing the activity. The owners maintained that it is virtually impossible for anyone not wearing this special type of glasses to identify which cards have special marks on their back. They said that the stylish new sunglasses contacts are nothing but laboratory-processed sunglasses which are highly effective in cheating.

“These sunglasses are extremely lightweight and elegantly simple. We process these glasses from ordinary glasses, but a sensitive material is used by us. Appearance wise, these sunglasses look no different from the ordinary sunglasses. As a result, the guards and other players at a casino won’t be able to make a distinction between ordinary glasses and these sunglasses contacts”, said a senior executive of Eyemarkedcards.com.

The company is also one of the largest manufacturers of infrared sunglasses or IR sunglasses, as they are popularly known and referred to. “These products are quite similar to IR contact lenses. By wearing these glasses, one can easily see the marks on the back of the narked poker cards. These are unisex sunglasses which both men and women can don as wearing these glasses. On the other hand, because of the natural and stylish look of these sunglasses, nobody would ever suspect that the player wearing these is actually cheating”, added the executive while talking to the press in the company’s office in Guangzhou, China.

The owners also emphasized on the fact that their research and development team always strives to bring innovative products. “Our R7D team always comes up with new and innovative products and the sunglasses contacts are the latest addition to our product line. These glasses are very useful for poker cheating, though we are trying to come up with more sophisticated and more effective models in the future so that the players can get the most of these devices during poker games”, said the CEO of the China based company.

About the Company

Eyemarkedcards.com is a leading manufacturer and seller of poker cheating devices.

To know more, visit http://www.eyemarkedcards.com/product/IR-Sunglasses.html

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