Infrared Contact Lenses Gives a Magic Vision to Aspiring Poker Players

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - China -, a poker cheating device manufacturer and seller that has garnered positive response from poker addicts in recent times, has recently launched infrared contact lenses , a special type of contact lens which can be used to detect special marks on the reverse side of poker cards. The manufacturers claimed that the IR contact lenses, as these products are often called by, are useful poker cheating contrivances that can be used to read the marks on poker cards easily. is into research and development of poker cheating devices of various sorts. The products offered by the company range from marked poker cards to poker analyzers, from hidden camera systems to IR sunglasses. The owners believe that the addition of infrared contact lenses to their product range would place them in an advantage position vis-à-vis their strongest competitors. Besides, the company also puts more focus on fast shipping, impeccable customer service after sales and customer grievance resolution.

“For each of the products that we offer, we upload a video on our website to explain how it can be used optimally in detail. It is a good thing that poker players around the world gradually understand the importance of using poker cheating devices such as infrared contact lenses. These lenses look like ordinary contact lenses, but they work differently. A player who wears these lenses can easily see the otherwise indivisible ink marks on the poker cards and this way, their winning potential multiplies”, said the sales and marketing head of the company.

“It’s almost a magic vision which these lenses can give to the users. While their opponents can’t even guess what’s written on the cards, these players can clearly see the marks on the cards, which helps them in winning their games easily”, said the marketing head.

“However, users need to be stealthy in their behavior so that the guards and the opponents or anybody for that matter do not suspect them. If they can act normally and use these contact lenses as instructed through the user manual, they can surely grab big amounts of money to become undefeatable gamblers”, said the CEO of

About the Company is a leading poker cheat device manufacturer.

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