Eyepokeranalyzer.com Unveiled X-Ray Contact Lenses for Normal Poker Cards

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - China - Eyepokeranalyzer.com is one of the few trusted poker cheating device manufacturers and suppliers that also manufacturer of X ray contact lenses for marked poker cards. Recently, the company also unveiled its latest collection of X ray contact lenses that are suitable for reading the cards. The owners revealed that many serious poker players avoid buying marked poker cards as majority of the big casinos do not allow these cards. They said that the non-marked poker cards, or the normal poker cards are also hugely popular now and the special contact lenses can help the users in reading the suits and points on these cards.

“X-ray contact lenses are unique in many ways. On one hand, the infrared contact lenses, also referred as IR contact lenses, have gained wide currency among players who hit the underground casinos every night. However, IR lenses are only effective when someone is using marked cards. Unfortunately, some big gambling dens, casinos and hotels do not allow the marked cards and they may confiscate these items if a player attempts to enter the restricted gaming zone with these cards. X-ray contact lenses are the best possible solution for this”, told a senior executive.

He told that X-ray contact lenses sold by our company now work with any brand of normal poker cards, which can also be referred as non-marked poker cards. “No matter which brand of cards forusing, these lenses are still effective. These contact lenses allow users to see through the cards without any sort of visual obstruction. At lease, the points and suites can be seen prior to playing a move. We now produce X ray contact lenses for Bee poker cards, Modiano cards, KEM cards, Lion3005 cards and many other brands”, added the executive.

He also maintained that ordinary contact lenses can also be transformed into X ray contact lenses. These contact lenses are very soft on the eyes and comfortable, claimed the executive. Also, he added that the product is still very rare in the market and many poker players are not even aware of the X-ray lenses.

About the Company

Eyepokeranalyzer.com is a top manufacturer of poker cheating devices.

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