2016 Nlab Product Annoucement Conference

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - 30, August 2016: N-Lab, a new skin care label under Sharia Group was launched during May of 2016.

The product line based of "leading biotechnology".

Designed for women all over the world with different skin types, skin needs. N-Lab introduces high end skin care products suitable for all women worldwide.

The inspiration of ď0" burden, burden less skin was created by Peter Simpson, the creative director of Sharia Group.

N-Lab series can satisfy every womenís skin needs leaving skin inexudes of unprecedented sparkling radiance. Setting off the most watched 2016 hydrated trends.

The conference, like a mysterious adventure, there is intricate floral walls and classic tone of environment, the 4 leading products from Nlab have been introduced to the grand guest.

The first upcoming products from N-Lab was presented by product line leader Bowen:

1.Miracle SC Hyaluronic Primary Serum

Scientifically proven, Miracle SC Hyaluronic Primary Serum is very effective to combat against dry skin also moisturising skin and helping it maintain moisture.

Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) will rejuvenate dry and unhealthy skin cells with hydration resulting in happy, bouncy and gorgeous skin and is the essential solution to solve sensitive skin due to dryness.

2. Rehydrating Clarifying Cream

The cream has a powerful moisturizing and calming effect which maintains the skinís moisture level for prolonged periods of time. Made to relieve allergy symptoms caused by skin drying, an unique non-stick moisturizing formula was developed that absorbs and stores large amounts of water in the skin. Meanwhile locking the moisture on the skinís surface giving skin a firming bouncing touch. Rich in human stem cell revitalizing factors and a cell regeneration function. Solves the fundamental problems of broken, withered and skin cell soothing keeping the skinís moisture level healthy.

3. Rehydrating Clarifying Sleeping Mask

Is an water based texturized gel mask that gives the skin an extreme hydrating sense of touch. Gently applied the paste immediately absorbs deep into the skin resulting in nourishing tender skin with clear healthy levels of moisturisation.

This product is suitable for use by pregnant women and women with sensitive skin types.

4. Perfect Tone-Up Cream

Perfect Tone-Up Cream can be your primary whitening cream with identical effects of CC cream. Colour correction of the perfect tone-up cream allows users to achieve pure white skin achieving same results as makeup. Makeup removal is not required for the perfect tone-up cream offering convenience and freedom and offers a long-term moisturizing skin whitening effect.

During the presentation, MR Bown was also shared the excellent results in clinical testing of Nlab series. Which is 89.2% of random users have a very obvious effect of skin moisturizing improved. 65.3% random users have tight skin looks improved, and the skin looks shine and youthful after 8 weeks.

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