Prafful Sarda filed an RTI on Rape cases in India

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Prafful Sarda an Entrepreneur, owner of an Event management company & RTI Activist had filed RTI application with the Ministry of Home Affairs. The Ministry mentioned in the RTI reply that 'no such data have been maintained after 2014.' And it's only in 2014 all over India, more than 36,735 rape cases have been registered and 36,975 people found to be the victims in these cases.

There are no records available after 2014 and yet to get updated on which shows how many rape cases have been registered from Jan 2014 to July 2016. The data is available only till 2014 which is quite surprising. One side Hon. Prime Minister Narendra Modi say that we are taking all the possible steps for women safety and despite of that number of incidents have happened like "Nirbhaya" Even the recent rape case in Maharashtra happen to be another wakeup call on women safety in the world's largest democratic country claims RTI Activist Prafful Sarda on the basis of RTI reply received from National Crime Records Bureau (Ministry of Home Affairs).

1,60,123 people were under trail during the year. These numbers also include the women who have been found guilty in these crimes. Even if we roughly calculate the rape scenario of 2015 and 2016, the numbers will be substantively higher.

Let it be any government every time there are false assurances on women safety but no firm steps have been taken for women safety till date. How can we become super power Country when women in our country are not safe and the crime rate especially against women is rising despite of all the possible safety guidelines. For more visit

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