Introducing MACKronyms Racci

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September 2016: Introducing the energetic one man army of 4PACK ENT. indie label. The future of new hip hop MACKronyms Racci is a dope prolific writer with determination, drive and fresh music talents. The exciting music artist Racci, born and raised in San Francisco, California is an American songwriter, record producer and recording artist from the Bay Area who has achieved marvelous success along with his hit new hip hop music charting worldwide while blazing the airwaves.

He is a talented and skilled hip hop music artist who models his music mostly from his life’s experiences. While growing up in San Francisco, Racci had seen many ups and downs throughout his life. Whether it was legitimate or illicit, he found his way of poetic therapy and banging out at TrunkKillaMusic as a foundation for his career.

He was quick to become accustomed to a fast pace lifestyle, that's why the term SFCitySlicka. Racci has produced music for several artists and is now concentrating on his Nu Batch of Gumbo music melodies and saucy songwriting. The organically produced new music debut MACKronyms presented by the American music recording label 4PACK ENT. will be found online and in record stores very soon.

The release of his new hip hop debut EP: “4PACK ENT. Presents MACKronyms Racci” will further establish him as a prominent name in the field of original rap and organic music production. This new presentation will make Racci a truly noteworthy artist and the breath of fresh air that the hip hop world desperately needs more of.

About The Company:
Racci aka #RacciOnDaBeatTrick is an American Songwriter, Record Producer and Recording Artist from The Bay Area. For more information visit

Contact Details:
Business Name: 4PACK ENT.
Location: San Francisco, California


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