Chow Mein vs Lo Mein – What is the Main Difference

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Chow Mein vs Lo Mein, 30th August, 2016: Do you know the difference between chow mein and lo mein? Chow mein and lo mein are two very popular Chinese food dishes made from wheat-flour egg noodles. This Chinese food item is loved by people from all over the world but there are many people who don’t know the main difference between lo mein and chow mein even after eating. The dishes are alike in most ways; they look same, made from same ingredient and they also have same nutritional value.

Lo mein basically means tossed noodles and widely used popularly in American Chinese restaurants as a take-out food. If you are curious about to know what is lo mein then you can taste this food item to practically understand the taste. However, when it comes to chow mein vs lo mein then the main difference lies in the preparation methods of the noodles.

The nutritional values of the dishes change after preparing. As chow mein is prepared for a long time, it becomes high in fat after preparing. You can prepare chow mein dishes with chicken, shrimp or beef and also add some vegetables like celery, carrots etc to amplify the taste and nutritional value.

On the other hand lo mein becomes high in sodium because of using high sauce content at the preparation. Lo mein dishes can be stir fried with chicken, shrimp, beef, pork etc. and you can also mix vegetables like cabbage, bok choy and others. The sauce used in lo mein is basically oyster or soy based which increases sodium on the dish.

Hopefully, you have understood some of the basic of lo mein vs chow mein but if you want to get complete information, you can visit this site:

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