IR Contact Lenses from Makes Every Poker Game a Stealth Game

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - China -, a reputable seller and global distributor of IR contact lenses, also known as infrared contact lenses, recently launched their latest selection of IR contact lenses that are scientifically tested and manufactured for bringing maximum convenience to the users. The owners said that the specially crafted contact lenses look exactly the same as ordinary contact lenses that are recommended to people with high myopia by their optometrists.

The owners added that the authentic poker cheating devices are much different from the over-hyped yet ineffective contact lenses readily available in the market. They said that poker cheating can become a child’s play even for the most novice players worldwide. They added that players who want to win their games without much obstruction should just wear these lenses and see through the poker marked cards and read the suites and numbers very clearly.

“Human eyes are not sensitive to all lights, more so when it comes to invisible lights. With wearing IR contact lenses, one can easily see the invisible marks on the flipside of the pre-marked poker cards. This is in fact an open secret in the world of poker, yet very few players have been caught red-handed during using these IR lenses. This is because the person on the other end of the table does not have any idea of how the player wearing the contact lenses is scanning and reading the useful information on the cards”, said a top executive of

He also informed that the company first takes regular contact lenses and then process the lenses using proprietary tools and techniques to make the lenses suitable for people who are keen on cheating during poker games. “Simply put, users can clearly see the marks on the reverse side of the cards while others cannot”, added the executive.

He told that the contact lenses are suitable for many different types of poker games such as Texas Holdem, Omaha, and Blackjack etc. He also informed that interested buyers can get in touch with their support team to gain more information on these lenses.

About the Company is a trusted supplier of poker cheating devices.

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