Eyemarkedcards.com Offers Andar Bahar Gambling Devices for the Much Popular Indian Card Game Fans

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - China - Andar Bahar, an Indian traditional betting game which is also referred as Katti game in the West. Eyemarkedcards.com, a popular seller of poker cheating devices, also sells Andar Bahar gambling devices for the fans of this Indian card game. The owners said that the Andar Bahar cheating devices are few among the multitude of poker cheating devices that they sell at attractive prices.

The Andar Bahar devices that the company sells include all-in-one CVK 400 analyzer system, CVK 350 system, K30 poker analyzer system, GPS poker analyzer system, MDS series systems, and V68 series analyzer systems. However, the owners maintained that the CVK350 happens to be the most popular analyzer system at this moment.

“No wonder the CVK 350 system is one of our all-time best sellers. It tells an Andar Bahar player about which set of cards have the same cards as the publicly displayed cards, thereby making it easier for them to manipulate the game results. There’s another poker cheating system which comes with a different type of poker analyzer, a camouflaged camera, and a remote controller. It also comes with an earphone which the player needs to wear”, said a top sales executive of Eyemarkedcards.com.

“These cheating devices are not only useful for Andar Bahar, but one can also employ them to clinch win at other types of poker games such as Baccarat, Omaha, Texas Holdem, and Blackjack. Also, there’s another very popular Indian card game named Teen Patti, for which these devices are ideal”, the sales executive of Eyemarkedcards.com added during a press event.

The sales and marketing executive continued to explain the benefits of the poker cheating and gambling devices. He said that the devices are much popular now among poker players, especially those who are from India. “The technology is new and groundbreaking to many of our esteemed clients from India and these players are desperate to clinch victory and win home the money by any means possible. Also, large parts of the poker fraternity are still not aware of this device, which is another advantage”, added the executive.

About the Company

Eyemarkedcards.com is a reputable seller of poker cheat devices.

For more info, visit http://www.eyemarkedcards.com/blog/Andar-Bahar-Gambling-Devices.html

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