New bus driving game combines all of the elements of the best driving games

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - The double decker bus of London is certainly a common site in city, and now gamers have their chance to experience driving one for themselves in a new free racing game app for Android.

The driver has to cross a bridge linking a bus station to the school on an island. It sounds deceptively simple until the user really starts to play the game. The driver has to manage the bus, negotiate the bridge and deliver the passengers to the school safely in the shortest possible time. A variety of twists and turns await the driver who has to learn to keep the bus upright in addition to staying out of the water.

Just like in many different racing games, users can steer, drift, turbo and the like to finish as quickly as possible, but Bus Simulator Racing has the added difficulties of changing weather. Ice on the bridge means slower travel and lower score. Is the driver willing to take the chance with a load of students?

Staying on the bridge is important, but there are also stars available which give points to the driver and adds to their overall global score. Bus Simulator Racing pits drivers across the world against one another to be the best of the best!

The game is loaded with the finest graphics and features for a pleasurable yet demanding game for the most diehard racing fan. Each bus is designed in accurate detail with stunning backgrounds. This makes the round trip ride enjoyable and relaxing.

Users will find the control system quick and easy. A tilt of the device or a touch on the virtual wheel turns the bus, and there are brakes and acceleration controls to drive. The developers have even added the low rumble of a real bus bringing Bus Simulator Racing full circle for the best in racing entertainment.

Bus Simulator Racing works on Android smartphones and is optimized for tablets. The background music is relaxing and pleasant while the user unlocks additional levels and missions with each successful pickup and delivery of the students at the school.

Those who are competitive will have the leaderboard with additional challenges and contests. Racing with friends is also possible as is posting successes on Facebook to share with others. The app has its own Facebook page for users to follow on updates, potential contests and the like.

More information, including reviews on the app with an impressive 4.2 out of 5 star rating, is available in Google Play store or at Bus Simulator Racing.

Bus Simulator Racing

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