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September 2, 2016: Trey Rhedrick, the chemical engineer and project manager of Black & Veatch loves to experience new social events and make friends. Trey and Earnest McCoy created their startup Flokk in 2014 to encourage a social community for finding “events on the fly” and interacting with friends. Flokk scratched a personal itch for Rhedrick when he shifted from North Carolina to the Kansas City area many years ago.

Flokk is an app that is designed to make an inspiration for people to go out and try new things. It allows you to find social events in city, combine real-time visual indicators for metrics like crowd size and male-to-female proportion with interactive sensors, offers rewards for users and allows you to connect with friends. Its purpose is to evaluate a user’s interests based on communications.

Event coordinators may use this platform to post events on the fly and work together with their attendees in a new way to engage and control their crowds. This Gigabit application differs from the popular contenders like Facebook Events and Eventbrite as it allows users to connect with Snapchat, Uber, Ticketmaster and OpenTable.

With the help of those services, a Flokk user can find events based on location, create events, buy tickets, find a ride; post updates and get rewards all within the app. Earlier this summer, Flokk was awarded $25,000 from Digital Sandbox KC, an area incubator that gives proof-of-concept resources to startups. Presently, the app is only available for users in the Kansas City area, but Rhedrick would like to expand it more.

About The Company:
Flokk is an application created by Trey Rhedrick and Earnest McCoy in 2014 that helps to find Events on the Fly by putting the power in your hands. To know more about the application visit http://myflokk.com/

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Author Name: Quest Taylor (Digital Mercenary)
Business/Company Name: ProjectUK
Local Address: Kansas City, MO 64134
Phone Number: 816.209.9256


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