Eyemarkedcards.com Brings in Hidden Camera System to Facilitate Players in Private Room Games

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - China - Eyemarkedcards.com, a manufacturing company that never stops experimenting with the known and unconventional poker cheating devices, now sells a special kind of hidden camera system which is suitable for private room games. The owners stated that the hidden camera system comprises of a smoke detector which has an HD camera inside it, a display unit (a TV), earphone and transmitters. They maintained that the complex mechanism of the camera system lies on the inside, whereas the system is pretty easy to use from a layman’s viewpoint.

“The hidden camera system is best suited for smaller casino games such as Texas Holdem and Omaha games. Also, if a group is playing poker within the confines of a private poker room, this one is still very effective. However, we don’t recommend this product for bigger casinos and clubs with tight security belts all around”, said a top executive from the China based manufacturing firm which has already got its ISO 90001 certification for maintaining consistent quality of products and customer service.

“The scanning camera works like this. It can scan marked cards from 2-3 meters. The player has to have a friend or somebody whom he can trust who will monitor the cards and report him in real time through his earphone. The transmitter is used for sending and receiving signals from 50-100 meters away where this assistant has to sit. He can see all the developments in the game in real time through the TV or the display unit. Accordingly, he can send updates and instructions to his friend, the player. Since the hidden camera is camouflaged as a smoke detector, no one can understand what is happening, while the player can silently ensure a victory for himself”, added the top executive.

The product kit now being sold through the web store of Eyemarkedcards.com contains the smoke detector hidden camera, wires and connectors and other components and complete user manual. “One has to reach the poker room early to set the spy camera as the smoke detector”, informed the executive.

About the Company

Eyemarkedcards.com is a renowned manufacturer of hidden camera systems and other types of poker cheat devices.

For more info, visit http://www.eyemarkedcards.com/product/Smoke-Detector-Spy-Camera-System.html

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