Shows How to Cheat at Poker for Dummies through Their Web Store

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - China -, a top seller of poker cheating devices, also offers practical tips and tricks to poker players who want to know how to cheat at poker games. The owners said that there are many poker players who might be endlessly curious about the poker cheating devices and also are keen on winning at poker games by any means necessary. However, most of them do not know how to cheat at poker . For this reason only, the online store has started to provide free tips for the new poker players and poker enthusiasts.

“Developing and selling poker cheating devices is not our only objective. On our site, one can also find a lot about how to cheat and clinch victories at poker games. Of course, most of the winning tricks involve the poker cheating contrivances which we manufacture, such as the marked cards, IR sunglasses or IR lenses. But there’s no taking away the fact that there is a learning aspect of our web store and anybody new to poker cheating activities can gather a whole lot of useful information from our store”, said a top executive of the Guangzhou, China based company.

The executive also added that apart from free tutorials, they also offer detailed instructions about each of the products they sell, be it a poker analyzer or a pair of IR glasses. They said that anybody can visit their blog to know how to cheat at poker games and also gather enough information on how to use the different types of poker cheating devices.

“Poker cheating is no child’s play. If someone gets caught in a club or casino, he might get banned for lifetime from the casino or club he is a member to. Besides practicing extreme caution, poker players who buy our products may just apply these simple tricks to stay ahead in the game, both literally and figuratively. We believe that the tutorials we provide through our website would be helpful for both poker greenhorns and the seasoned players”, said the CEO and managing director of

About the Company is a top poker cheat device manufacturer.

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