LED Light Manufacturer Ray Lighting Now Offers LED Flood Lights, LED Tubes and LED High Bay Lights

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - China - Ray Lighting , a Shenzhen based LED lighting products manufacturer that has gained prominence in the international wholesale market over the years, also sells now LED flood lights, LED high bay lights and LED tubes. The China based manufacturer of LED lights is also a global wholesaler of LED lights now exports its quality LED lights products, including the newly launched LED flood lights and other sorts of lights to different parts of North America, Europe and Mid-East, with domestic sales leapfrogged in the last quarter of this financial year.

The LED light manufacturer happens to be one of China’s largest manufacturers of LED lighting products. The owners of the firm maintained that their strong and unswerving quality commitments, high output and production capacity, fast shipping and zero-tolerance quality control are few of the reasons why their domestic and overseas sales of LED high bay lights and other sorts of products increased in last year.

“Our panel of twenty engineers is responsible for monitoring and coordination design and production of every LED product we make. Be it an LED tube or an LED flood light, each and every product has to go through the same process. First is the design stage, where to a feasibility study to know if the product will offer practical solutions. After that, the LED product is manufactured by our engineering team and sent to the assembly line. Once the final product is manufactured, it is thoroughly checked by our quality control team”, said the CEO and managing director of the company.

He also said that Ray Lighting has five different production lines with monthly production capacity of 50,000 LED flood lights and 100,000 LED tubes. “We have all the top-notch equipment such as the power meter, integrating sphere and all other latest testing equipment. For this reason only, we can always deliver superior quality LED flood lights, LED tubes and LED high bay lights”, added the CEO and MD during a press conference held at Shuitian Fourth Industrial Park, Shenzhen.

About the Company

Ray Lighting is a renowned manufacturer of LED lighting products,

For more information, visit http://www.raylighttube.com/

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