Achieving success while fighting cancer! Paulís story shows it can be done

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Most of the time when people are faced with multitude of problems, they retire to a world of solitude, self pity and finally yield to the difficulties in life but one person has shown that it is possible to succeed even when under harsh conditions.

Paul Democritou has shown the world especially people who are fighting cancer that they still can achieve their dreams and aspirations.

Paul is an entrepreneur, business consultant, author, philanthropist and is also known as an entertainer as well as a well known video director and producer in Greece.

A few months back he was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkinís lymphoma - a type of cancer, but has overcome his fears and has become a great inspiration to those who are experiencing the same problem.

He has managed to write a book that has great lessons to people who may be experiencing difficult situations, he clearly outlines action plans to reach success and wealth that one can use even with zero capital.

While he was admitted in the hospital and recuperating at home every few weeks, Paul knew that sitting and waiting would take precious time out of his life, to avoid this he continued to work and study and through this he found a higher goal. He wrote the book Success I.A.O that focuses how to succeed even under harsh conditions.

Paul says you need to be dedicated and not give up, when he was unable to write he recorded and had the book transcribed. He announces that the book will be out soon in the market, where people will have an opportunity to learn great lessons that will inspire those who may be going through harsh conditions as well as the general public at large.

The advanced sales and marketing expert, who also describes himself as a success expert and professional speaker, is now helping people fight cancer and giving them free seminars, as well as encouraging them to look at life positively where they do not seek success but rather create it for themselves.

He has also promised to donate a third of the proceeds from the sale of the books to people fighting cancer.

Paul is dedicated to helping other people fight cancer through donations and also focusing on teaching people to achieve their success. His website contains free advice on sales, marketing and motivation; information which Paul says will help in overcoming challenges and ultimately reach success which they aspire.

Paul attributes part of his success to mentors, he says that he had been in deep problems before, even being bankrupt after a series of successful business. He also believes that pray and his belief in God helped him get through his condition and was what inspired him to write his book on achieving success rather than a book on sales and marketing.

Paul who owns a consulting company and an international recruitment agency in Bulgaria as well as a video production company in Greece says that he initially planned to write a book on sales and marketing for years but never got it , he attributes this to lack of a bigger vision and goal although he was making a lot of money from his business. He clearly understands the importance of a mentor, he has a personal testimony where he got assistance from one on how to understand money and shift his mindset. He also had other mentors in life that attributed to his success.

To Paul, success is all about improvise adapt and overcome which is also the title of his book. As Paul says "You dont find success in life, You create it"

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