Eyemarkedcards.com Poker Analyzer Systems Open a New Horizon of Possibilities for Poker Players

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - China - Eyemarkedcards.com, an online seller and a renowned manufacturer of poker cheating gizmos, has a lot to offer to poker cheating enthusiasts in terms of analysis instruments. The plethora of poker analyzer systems that the company offers has brought relief to its countless customers who yearned for really effective poker cheating devices for many years now. The latest analyzers include CVK 350 poker analyzers, Texas holdem poker analyzer K20, Baccarat poker analyzer systems and many more unique and innovative analyzers that can make winning a low-hanging fruit for poker players.

“The analyzers are generally a combination of two or three components. The CVK 350 All-in-One, for example, is modeled after a real Smartphone. We have used Samsung S4 in this case as the model is used all over the world and nobody will really suspect that the player is using some sort of cheating devices. However, it’s a different mechanism inside as the player can get the right signals via the Bluetooth technology through the earphone. If using earphones is prohibited in a club or casino, the player can simply switch to the vibrator mode to get alerted about important developments during the game”, said a senior executive of Eyemarkedcards.com.

The poker analyzers are made for marked cards and vice versa. For the uninitiated, the marked cards are processed from ordinary cards and bear special marks that the players with special poker cheating devices at their disposal can easily identify. According to the owners, the marked cards and accompanying devices help the poker players in staying ahead in the game, both literally and figuratively.

The CEO of Eyemarkedcards.com recently appeared in a press interview and rehashed their key objectives and values. “We want to grow as a trusted distributor of poker cheating devices. We are already in active partnerships with some of the best shipping and logistics companies around the world and we believe this collaboration would help us in a great way to beat competition”, said the CEO during the interview.

About the Company

Eyemarkedcards.com is a trusted online seller of poker cheating devices.

For more, visit http://www.eyemarkedcards.com/product/poker-analyzer-system/

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