Leading Bridging Loans Provider Talks Brexit Fallout and Intelligent Solutions

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - London: September 4, 2016

A top UK bridging loans https://www.bridgingloans.co.uk/ broker has been discussing the use of alternative financial products to weather the storm in the face of the recent vote to leave the European Union. According to the team at Bridgingloans.co.uk, UK citizens in huge numbers both in commercial and domestic arenas are finding themselves facing temporary yet severe financial shortfalls.

In some instances, the liquidity of current financers and investors has been thrown into doubt due to the Brexit vote. In others, their own business interests have taken a severe hit and require an immediate yet short-term financial boost. In all such instances, many major lenders are looking the other way and mainstream financing opportunities are becoming inaccessible. By contrast, an intelligent, short-term bridging loan can make all the difference where time is a factor and prompt action is required.

Property Purchase

“A bridging loan is a loan typically used for a short term fix between the transaction of selling a property and buying another. An example of when a bridging loan could be used is for instance, when the property market is at a stage to buy. Bridging loans can be used for many purposes and are not only limited to purchasing property. Depending on the use and criteria, rates currently start from 0.58% per month and for a term of usually up to 12 months, albeit longer periods can be negotiated either at the beginning or throughout the initially agreed term of the bridging loan.” – Bridgingloans.co.uk

In the wake of the Brexit vote, large and small-scale property investors alike are finding themselves with rather mixed fortunes. Property prices have plummeted in certain key UK areas, representing the perfect time to begin or expand a buy-to-let portfolio. But with many conventional lenders having closed their doors or overcomplicated their terms, gaining access to the necessary funding is proving difficult, which is precisely where bridging loans step in – thought-out, short-term financial solutions for those looking to ride out temporary gaps and shortfalls. With simple terms, low rates of interest and prompt release of the required funds, no property investment opportunity need ever be allowed to go to waste.

Versatile, Multi-Purpose Solutions

Just a few examples of how, when and where bridging loans are helping customers up and down the UK bear the brunt of the Brexit fallout include:

• Business Funds: short-term working capital
• Auctions: purchasing bargain property at auction
• Temporary Cashflow problems: when cash is required urgently
• Tax Liabilities: finance unexpected tax bills
• Property Refurbishment and Development: upgrade residential or business premises with property development finance https://www.bridgingloans.co.uk/development-finance/
• Buy-to-let: making the most of every investment opportunity
• Moving House: temporary funding to move quickly

In all such instances and more, bridging loans step in where standard financial service providers are unable or unwilling to do so. Working with a leading broker like Bridgingloans.co.uk means gaining access to the full spectrum of bridging loan products available, adding up to outstanding service and great value for money when needed most.

About Bridgingloans.co.uk

Bridgingloans.co.uk is a leading UK finance broker & principle bridging loan funder with a unique commitment to transparency and customer service excellence. Bridging loans are offered on the back of comprehensive and digestible information to ensure rational and beneficial decision making across both domestic and professional circles alike. The team takes great pride in pioneering innovative new services to meet the short-term financial needs of UK borrowers from all walks of life.

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