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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Press Release, New Delhi, and 1st September 2016: With his 2010 series "Beyond Survival with Les Stroud", Les Stroud has again proved himself the ultimate chameleon that can meld into any indigenous society, however quaint or dangerous. Knifes in particular are a necessity of life in the wilderness and with his Les Stroud Knife Collection, this "survivor man", as he has been dubbed following his earlier series, has demonstrated beyond the shadow of a doubt his thorough knowledge of what constitutes a really good knife for any condition. Below is the mentioned a kind of best Les Stroud kinds of knives, a man who has not only designed one of the best Knife set, but have also categorized them in a separate selection in the world’s best cutlery sets. Today although there are a dozen variety of best knife sets but still Les Stroud signature collection is unbeatable among them.

The four signature knives:

1) Desert Folder:
As the smallest knife at a mere 0.50 pound, this folding knife can serve as a handy every day carry option. It is small enough to easily fit in your pocket yet the 3 1/4 inch blade is big enough for every day small cutting chores.

2) Ultimate Survival Knife:
The Ultimate Survival knife is the flag ship of the Camillus line. This knife weighs in at a little less than a pound and is integrated with a LED flashlight and a ceramic sharpener, as well as a whistle. It features a fire steel, and a mirror that can serve as a S.O.S. signal mirror. All of those items are provided in the sheath with an extremely well thought out, organized package.

3) Arctic Survival Knife:
The medium sized knife also weighs less than a pound, features a ballistic nylon sheath and comes adorned with a storage compartment along with a trail map mesh pocket and Fire Steel. The Arctic Survival Knife is great for the person who wants to have a non-serrated knife and does not need all of the bells and whistles that come on the Ultimate.

4) Les Stroud Jungle Machete:
This knife can be considered the big bazooka of the best knife block sets, weighing in at slightly under 2 pounds. The big machete blade is perfect for chopping or defense/fighting.

The Knife Collection was developed based on the exceptional skills of Les Stroud following his years traveling the globe and encountering some of the most pernicious circumstances, with the assistance of the astounding craftsmanship provided by Camillus, the former supplier of contract knifes to the Air Force. Only Titanium bonded 440 stainless steel is used, one of the strongest nonstick steel deployed in the manufacturing of high end knifes, whereas the firm ergonomic grip of all the knifes becomes an extension of the hand.

No matter what the intended use may be, the best kitchen knife set of Les Stroud Collection conjures the image of total perfection, and surprisingly, the whole collection can be had for less than a set of football tickets.

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