The advent of high quality Airwheel Smart folding Electric Bikes

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Over the last three years, Airwheel has gone through many changes in both design and technology. All of changes centre on the enhancement of portability and the improvement of structure. These efforts can be reduced into the goal of meeting the demand of customers. Last month, the most portable model was launched by Airwheel that is Airwheel intelligent e bike E6, which laid down a solid foundation for the subsequent model, S3. The two models are noted for their folding designs.

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Actually, the folding design does not appear in Airwheel folding electric bike E6 or E3 for the first time. In Airwheel 2-wheeled electric scooter A3, the folding pedals got its first try-out, but with causing a limited attention from the customers. However, the folding pedals are applied to Airwheel foldable Smart E Bike E6 for the first time on a large scale. In its successor Airwheel E3, the fold-up pedals, handlebars and tyres were all wrapped into it. Even Airwheel E3 adopts the folding crossbar, which can be doubled over so that E3 can save much space for the user. For now, many young staffs live in a room with limited space for storage and work in a cubicle with scant space to get about. Airwheel E3 helps them out, taking less space when it is stored in the corner. It is equally possible to put under the office desk.

It is obvious to everyone that Airwheel folding electric bike E6 made an indispensable contribution to the development of Airwheel E3. These new folding designs and technology were tested on Airwheel E6. Without Airwheel E6, there would have no Airwheel E3. Although Airwheel E6 is inferior to E3 in certain respects. The trial of a series of folding designs in Airwheel E6 makes them smoothly applied to Airwheel E3.

From Airwheel E6, we can see the efforts made by Airwheel and its contribution to the development of Airwheel E3.

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