Airwheel Electric scooters for kids are Vanguard of Transportation Revolution

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Human beings cannot run as extremely fast as leopard due to their physical limitations. However, they have invented cars and planes to strengthen themselves with science and technology. Nowadays, a fresh means of transport has sprung up and greatly influenced people’s lives. Electric self-balance scooter, with its fantastic design and zero carbon emission will definitely spread across the globe. Airwheel intelligent electric air board has strategically invested in area like IOT sensors, robotics and deep learning. It cooperates with research institutions all over the world, continue to enhance product development and manufacturing, and continue to help bring a free and joyful life to customers.

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Airwheel electric scooter is a newly-developed portable intelligent device which has a small market segment. The balance is controlled by gyroscope and acceleration transducer. When the tilting angle sensor inspects inclination of the vehicle, the built-in intelligent chip control system will sense a corresponding moment of force. Then the motor will drive the wheel to move towards where the vehicle falls down to control dynamic balance of the vehicle.

Airwheel has spent so much time in R&D not because of lack of technological ability but our devotion to producing the electric self-balancing scooter with great cost-effectiveness and wonderful performances. So far, Airwheel is home to seven series of different intelligent electric scooter(X-, Q-, S-, A-, M-, Z-,and E series), that can be broadly classified into electric scooter, electric skateboard and electric bikes.

Airwheel self-balancing electric scooters are currently and widely applied to various sections including governmental agencies, various industrial markets and personal transport etc. recently, Airwheel has released two models in E series, E6 and E3 battery operated bicycles known for its quick folding system.

In the days to come, Airwheel will roll out more revolutionary intelligent vehicles to follow the development trend. The follow-up products will adhere to lithium-ion powered and make full use of various sensors and robot deep learning etc. techs to achieve a scalable product by reserving interfaces.

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Company Name: Airwheel Holding Limited
Contact Person: Eric
Country: Los Angeles, CA, USA

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