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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - For one thing, both of them were designed with two wheels, representing a great innovation then. For another, it seemed like the S-series was irreplaceable. It is featured by its fashionable colour combination and sleek flowing lines of the case. It is acclaimed as an amazing piece of work. Whether the new product of Series—self-balancing electric scooters will come out and if it is possible what could the new born be like? Scooter fans keep asking and trying to find an answer about when S-series appeared with the crest of design.

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Like S3 and S3T, S5 is still equipped with two-wheeled design and standing-posture riding mode. S5 is both strong and fashionable like S3 because of its sleek and contoured features. It is more than a simulation of previous edition. S5 has made some improvements. S5 employs two 16-inch large Cheng Shin tires. The large tires enable S5 2-wheeled electric scooter to overcome whatever terrain it is faced with. No matter you are in the avenue or cragged path or even going downing the steps, S5 is your perfect choice. When it comes to the battery, S5 adopts 520 W Panasonic battery, which provides larger power storage capacity and longer range than S3 and S3T.

In March 2016, Airwheel gave its loyal fans answers by launching a brand-new product. The new member of S-series uncovered and brought to the limelight is the electric self-balancing scooters S8 and S9. It can provide riders with a personal exclusive experience. There is no doubt it, the partial successor, is stronger and powerful than original S6 mini electric scooter. Therefore, S8 is actually an upgraded model of S6 mini electric scooter with dual motors and 10 inch tubeless tires with excellent performances.

Expectedly, S8 and S9, the new members of S family, fulfil the market’s prospects. Meanwhile, the six models–S3 and S3T, S5, S6, S8 and S9 all together solidify the dominant position of scooter design.

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