What Do Smart Travelling Equipment Bring about? Personal transport manufacturer Airwheel (Z5, S8, C5) tells you

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Intelligence is undoubtedly the hottest hashtag on the website. It covers the all rounded aspects of people’s life, from clothes, food, and shelter to travel. Especially in the transportation field, the vehicles are evolving towards a smarter level. What do actually intelligent travelling devices bring about to the world? How they change daily life? Just take Airwheel intelligent devices as examples to see explore the issue. https://twitter.com/AirwheelCZ/status/773436076694368256

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Airwheel electric scooter Z5 is a popular intelligent daily commuting device. It is often seen on the streets ridden by young people. Airwheel Z5 is a portable device with light weight and mini size. The controlling shaft of Z5 hoverboard is foldable and thus enabling its portable feature. It can be connected to other public transportation facility to increase commuting efficiency. Z5 supported by a customized app has enabled riders to set speed limit, check running data of the vehicle, or share experience with other riders. https://twitter.com/AirwheelCZ/status/770893193952960512

Airwheel self-balancing electric scooters are the featured products since the founding of the company. Airwheel 2-wheeled electric scooter S8, with unique controlling mode has brought more joys and fun for its riders. S8 is agile enough for both indoor and outdoor use. It supports two ways of operation, standing and sitting. Therefore, it is easier to operate than intelligent unicycle. Intelligent self-balancing scooters are changing people’s concepts about commuting vehicles. S8, which depends on riders’ body movement to get around also helps to burn extra calories. It is a qualified fitness equipment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-E9bevf4_s0&feature=youtu.be&a

The last travelling equipment that exerts an influence in rider’s life is Airwheel smart helmet C5. To further seize market opportunity, Airwheel has shifted its focus onto travelling accessory equipments. C5 provides functions more than purely head protection. Instead, it has integrated the functions of cameras and telephones. It allows users to shoot videos, listen to music and answer phones, serving as a versatile assistant during journeys.

In general, Airwheel intelligent travelling equipments, have brought both convenience and fun to the boring journey. In the future, the intelligent devices may provide more functions and change people’s commuting habits.

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