Small-sized Airwheel new ebike review 2016 That Meet Urban Commuting Demands

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Airwheel is a senior manufacturer in intelligent commuting equipment industry. All its products, target at different people with different commuting needs. Airwheel enjoys a diversified production line. Even to satisfy urban commuting needs, there are many different types and styles to choose. Here is a recommendation of the small-sized electric scooters, fit for urban traffic.

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Airwheel foldable electric scooter Z5 is designed with cool colors and shape. It is favored by trendsetters who focus on individuality. Z5 is light-weighted and has a foldable operating rod design. The rod is also adjustable for people with different heights. Z5 has two separate foldable pedals and riders don’t need to cross their feet to stand on the vehicle. The obverse standing posture is in line with body’s standing habit and reduces burden on legs. Z5 has guaranteed riding comfort for its users. Young people who would like to seek vitality and individuality in daily commuting should have a try of Z5 hoverboard .

Airwheel intelligent e bike E3 and E6 have led a comfortable and cozy commuting style in large cities. Airwheel E3 and E6 are extremely light-weighted and foldable. E6 is shaped as an X while E3 is in the shape of an O. E3 and E6 have proven their agility and traffic ability in the congested urban environment. Airwheel foldable e bikes to meet urban commuting needs, have placed portability and comfortability in the very first place. They all have a multi-folding system, which means the main body, saddle, handle bars and pedals can all be folded. Their portability determines that they can be connected with public transportation facility, like buses and subways. E3 and E6, have also elevated the comfort level for daily riders. The ergonomic saddle selects rubber materials which enjoy good ventilation. The saddle is in left-right design to achieve balanced force for users.

Airwheel electric commuting devices, like Z5, E3 and E6, can all be connected to customized apps, which is able to inform its users of the speed, residual power, mileage and other details about the vehicles. For urban dwellers, the small-sized yet intelligent vehicles guarantee an efficient and safe journey everyday.

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