The innovative application of Airwheel intelligent foldable bicycle electric

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - APP, as one of the most popular software, becomes the hit thing in the market. APP has the feature that it can be changed and made by individuals. Many customers and users swoon over it very much. As the trend becomes more and more obvious that the young people cannot go without the mobile phone, Airwheel introduced APP to its two-wheeled self-balancing scooter A3. This was the first time for Airwheel to use APP. Over the last three years, Airwheel invested a lot of time and energy in the R & D of APP. For now, Airwheel is successful in developing APP dedicated to Airwheel A3. It is available for free download.

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The first innovative is not so much a revolution related to technology as a change in the design structure. Airwheel pioneered the dual mode of ride in the two-wheeled intelligent scooter S6. Since last year, Airwheel ushered in the era of dual mode of ride. On the account of the dual mode, the user will be offered an opportunity to enjoy the sit-on mode during the ride. Once he feels tired after a long trip, he is allowed to sit on the comfortable saddle. Although this change does not completely relate to the technology, it has a far-reaching influence on the future products and promotion by Airwheel.

The industry of folding technology is on a rise in recent years. For many young people, their pursuit of folding devices makes for the prosperity of market for the folding technology. Although the fold-up peddles have been first used in Airwheel A3, this did not arrest any attention from the users. This time, Airwheel used such fold-up devices as peddles in Airwheel smart electric folding bike E3 and E6 on a large scale. These innovative designs go a long way towards saving space for the users so that they can be easily stored under the office desk.

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