Strenuous efforts in safety by Airwheel in intelligent folding electric assist bike

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Airwheel is a worldwide scooter-maker in the international market. It has been enjoying its great success for a while. It is obvious to everyone that its massive success stems from its continuous and strenuous efforts in every detail on its electric self-balancing scooters, from the pedals to the whole bodywork. Each time, a small change is always having a far-reaching influence, yet involves a large amount of efforts by Airwheel. Taking Airwheel’s efforts concerning the enhancement in the safety protection for example, we will find its attentiveness to the details and considerate designs for the end users.

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The completely veritable safety design or device was used first in Airwheel two-wheeled self-balancing scooter S5. Airwheel S5 is positioned as a personal ATV and therefore it is required to be able to run on every tough terrains. On the tough roads, it is not nearly avoidable to face the clash or hit. The impact from the outside sometimes will create a body-threatening damage to the riders. In order to shield the rider from hurt caused by the shock of impact, Airwheel introduced the wing in the front of Airwheel S5 just like a car. Although the wing looks small and not noticeable, it serves effectively as a buffer against the outside impact, which also assures the rider of a reliable and safe ride on Airwheel S5.

The special device devoted totally to safety protection is the subsequent model, i.e. the smart helmet C5. In the process of learning to steer Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter, many beginners have a way of falling off electric scooters. However, frequent falls lead to put a dent in their confidence of learning to ride Airwheel electric scooters. This caused a side effect and at once Airwheel felt supposed to address this issue. As a result, Airwheel developed a helmet device intended for the safety protection. With Airwheel C5, it becomes less likely to get hurt even if the rider falls off Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter.

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Address: Los Angeles, CA, USA

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