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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Detroit, Mich. - The huge rise of car rideshare apps has changed the way many use transportation, and it has helped others make a bit of additional income by providing a needed service.

CueRide, headquartered in Detroit, Mich., is one such application and has already set itself out from the other, larger services like Uber and Lyft.

Founder James Whitaker has done considerable research on other rideshare applications. He has looked at what does and does not work in addition to driver and customer complaints from other rideshare companies. This way, he was able to design an app with new features that meets virtually all of the best of the worlds of current apps for drivers and customers while having none of the drawbacks.

“It was a long time in development sifting through the complaints, making notes and adjusting the coding for what I and my team was after. We are focused on being different by staying on the cutting edge of innovation,” said Whitaker, “we are also charging a smaller fee than the competition, something that is sure to be attractive for our drivers.”

Whitaker is also pleased to note another, major difference between the other companies and CueRide. All drivers will be able to purchase stock options into the company before its IPO.

“We want to have 30 percent of our company belonging to the people who make it great – our drivers. This is why we want our drivers to truly be a part of the company and what it stands for,” said Whitaker.

Whitaker has his own thoughts on his role within the company, “It is my job to give customers as well as drivers equal and outstanding quality and create a healthy and profitable business for our customers and our drivers who will be owners of CueRide as well.”

Those who would like to drive for CueRide will be able to sign up September 10th with customers able to sign up a few days later. Customers will be able to use a special promo code, “LETS RIDE,” for up to $20.00 off of their first ride.

CueRide is fully approved for launch in both Michigan and Georgia. The company is awaiting approval for the city of Austin, Texas, Ohio, Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. Plans are to have full approval in these areas by November, the official launch date.

“This will be a national app, so we are looking for drivers across the U.S. Anyone with a car can participate and start making money the first day. This is a unique opportunity for anyone, and the addition of stock purchases can only mean more income in the long run,” said Whitaker.

Those who are interested in learning more before the site is live can contact Whitaker or the CueRide team at media, info or drivers. They can also follow the website construction here.

James Whitaker, owner

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