New Online Information Portal Introduces The Power Of Nature To An International Audience

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - With more patients suffering from adverse effects caused by over-the-counter and prescription drugs, the time has come to look into alternative remedies for a majority of diseases, ailments and conditions. Adverse effects reported by patients range from mild symptoms that include irritability and skin rashes, to more severe symptoms such as vision problems, hypertension and even more life-threatening conditions. These all raise a concern for the continued use of such drugs. With nature's own cures available at hand's reach and at a more affordable price, the time has never been as perfect as now to lean on mother nature for a remedy that will not cause these harmful effects.

Earlier this week, a new online information portal launched with the aim of introducing natural cures and remedies to the general public. Organic Healing, which is the name of the new online information portal, was launched to assist patients and individuals from all walks of life to learn more about alternative remedies offered by mother nature. The remedies discussed takes advantage of plant extracts, vitamins, minerals and several other organic compounds that can be found in a person's backyard, at the local grocery store or by visiting an organic market.

A large variety of topics is covered by the portal and can be accessed by the general public at no cost. Different types of informative posts are covered that includes general information, news-relevant information, details concerning specific medical conditions and professional product reviews.

Topics covered by Organic Healing includes:

* Natural Disease Control Remedies
* Natural Weight Control Remedies
* Natural Men’s Health Remedies
* Natural Women’s Health Remedies
* Natural Skin Care Remedies

Further information concerning organic healing remedies can also be obtained through a no-cost subscription to the Organic Healing newsletter, offered directly on the home page of the online information portal.

For more information and to learn more about how Organic Healing can assist the general public in obtaining information regarding the power of nature, a visit to the homepage can be executed.

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