Representatives of intelligent electric hoverboard manufacturer Airwheel

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Even though the sector of intelligent self-balancing scooter was rife with fierce competition, Airwheel aspired to be a leader in electric self-balancing scooter. Judging its sales volume and popularity both at home and overseas, it seems that Airwheel made it. Three representatives of Airwheel will be discussed to show the reasons for their popularity. The first one is the X8 electric one wheel, which was hailed as a miracle in eyes of scooter lovers. Batches of boys and girls rode it in the street and flaunted their thrilling riding skill and wheelie before pedestrians. A good many pedestrians were allured by them to circle around them, watch the most amazing wheelie. In the existing market for scooter, many models overtake X8. Nevertheless, X8 would take some beating in Airwheel scooter-lovers.

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The next one is the Airwheel S8 2-wheeled electric scooter. In order to let more people get to experience riding of Airwheel scooter, the two-wheeled electric scooters took shape and went into the market. Also, S8 achieves dual ride mode by rewriting the algorithm and upgrades the pressure sensitive system from two-shaft driving to all-round three-shaft driving. This refinement also furthers the larger-scale adoption of Airwheel scooters.

Recently, Airwheel has released E3 backpack electric bike. The folding size is 474*399*374mm, as small as a backpack. With 12.5kg item weight, Airwheel E3 Smart E Bike can be stored in the office, car trunk and home easily. And the saddle-equipped device makes possible a long-distance without any fatigue. Seen from the design and tech of E3, the future products of Airwheel are imaginable. They will develop on the path to intelligent and green nature.

All Airwheel models can be connect into phone via APP. The people-oriented is an inevitable trend. As for the tech, perhaps, solar power will be introduced in it. After all, solar power is free and greener than electricity power. Therefore, there is a bright future for Airwheel electric walkcars.

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Company Name: Airwheel Holding Limited
Contact Person: Eric
Address: Los Angeles, CA, USA

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