Asoni Haus Travel Club Announces the Launch of a Special Travel Service for Millennials

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Travelling has been said to entangle travelers in its beauty, making them feel a myriad of emotions they’ve never yet felt, leaving them speechless and yearning for more. The well-renown Asoni Haus Travel Club has decided to creatively bring this seamless desire to life as they launch the All-New Millennial Travel Service

The Travel Service for Millennials is a membership service which gives its members full access to outstanding travelling services that incorporates preferential rates and benefits from products to events, hotels, private accommodation, and so much more.

“Luxury is down to individual perception, but great travel relies solely on incredible experiences , that really connect with the heart and soul of the traveler.” - Founder & CEO - Ingrid Asoni stated. “The Travel Club is about creating those unimaginable experiential moments that make memories” She added.

Set to embark on a contemporary travel service that is specialized on Millennials giving each of them their own unique story which they’ll always love to share. Asoni Haus Travel Club has set up a team of innovative travel designers that will make all this possible being extremely courteous in finding attractions that suits the interest of all those involved.

The Club also grants personal Travel Manager that is on hand 24/7/365 to support its members in their bespoke travel requests and recommendations. Also bearing in mind to make each trip an unforgettable adventure and full of fun, Asoni Haus have made the entire service affordable and yet of a high-quality experience.

The Club has also prided themselves on giving its subscribers a top priority security, knowing exactly what is happening at the planned destination, giving its members access to the best restaurants, nightlife, events & experiences to make their trip truly spectacular and also giving them the opportunity to create lifetime friends along the journey.

About Asoni Haus Travel Club

Asoni Haus have mastered how to combine both -travel logistics and experiential travel design. Thus creating the ideal home for travelers looking for knowledge, experience, access and a seamless and professional service. We are the ideal hub to not only facilitate Travel and Lifestyle needs but ensure we create a unique luxury experience. With a strong black book of luxury lifestyle partners and suppliers worldwide, we truly are able to access the inaccessible and design memorable travel experiences. Asoni Haus Travel Club Services

Contact Person: Sophie Anderson
Company: Asoni Haus
Address: 49 Greek Street, London, W1D 4EG, UK

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