AccurateSTD Expands Discreet And Convenient STD Screening Service Across The U.S.

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - United States; 16, September 2016: It's no secret early detection of STDs allows for prompt treatment. The trouble is, some STDs might not show any symptoms. That's why it is important to have regular screening for the avoidance of doubt.

Of course, some people don't like visiting their doctors to get tested for STDs. Especially when those doctors also treat other members of the family.

For those reasons and more, more Americans seek service providers that offer discreet screening. One of the market leaders in STD testing is The company recently announced that it had expanded its testing services across the U.S.

Flexible STD screening services

One of the reasons people opt for AccurateSTD's testing services is the flexibility offered. People have complete control over when they get tested and where they go.

The ordering process is a simple one that gets carried out on the AccurateSTD website:

Step 1 - Choose the required tests. From basic tests to a full suite of comprehensive ones. Customers can select the ones they feel they need screening for. It's possible to pick and choose individual tests to create a bespoke screening solution.

Step 2 - Select a location. Part of the appeal of AccurateSTD is that there's no need for clients to use their own doctors. They can select a testing center at any location they wish. One can even choose an out-of-town testing center for added privacy.

Step 3 - Get tested. Once a convenient date and test center gets chosen, customers must then pay for the screening. They will then get asked to attend their chosen test location. The process only takes around five to ten minutes. It's often possible to get a same-day test carried out.

Step 4 - Receive the test results within 72 hours. Clients can contact AccurateSTD for their test results between 24-72 hours.

Privacy guaranteed

When clients use AccurateSTD, they expect to have their privacy protected. The company has taken plenty of steps to guarantee that. For a start, AccurateSTD's details will not appear on any debit/credit card statements. And they won't contact a client's doctor, insurance company or health care provider.

Convenient locations

It doesn't matter whether one requires a local or out of town testing center. AccurateSTD has a plethora of locations scattered across the United States. At the time of ordering, all one has to do is type in their ZIP code. A list of local and regional test locations will then get displayed.

Trustworthy results

Clients can enjoy peace of mind knowing they will get their results fast and discreetly. What's more, AccurateSTD only works with reputable and reliable testing facilities.

Expert counseling and treatment

AccurateSTD's counselors are all fully trained in sexual health consulting. Their job is to answer any questions and talk through the test results. They will also work with clients to begin treatment plans if required.

About AccurateSTD:

AccurateSTD is one of America's leading providers of discreet STD screening services. Their simple to use site allows clients to get tested in a discreet and convenient test facility.


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