Pricewise Insulation: “Customer Service is Everything”

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Melbourne, VIC, Australia, September 17, 2016 /PressReleasePing/ -- It’s less than 2 year since the Pricewise Insulation online store went “live”. How did the market respond initially, and has this changed over time?

We did get some immediate response. Customers are always looking for a bargain, and even if they haven’t heard of you before, will pick up the phone to check on a price or to enquire about stock availability. With regards to the development since then, we’ve seen a steady increase in customers shopping for insulation batts, and fortunately we’ve been able to provide a professional service to practically all of our customers in all States.

What would you say is the main factor driving the growth of Pricewise Insulation, considering that there are many other businesses in Australia selling similar products?

I’ve sometimes asked myself the same question. I believe much of it comes down to old fashioned customer service. Of course the price of the insulation batts range we sell is a determining factor, but our experience has been that this is more a contributing factor than the ultimate deciding factor, at least for many of our customers. As a shopper, you generally know whether you are being looked after, whether you’re being offered a good price. The vast majority of our customers have a very good experience dealing with our staff, and this is also reflected by the number of repeat orders we get from many builders.

You sell a number of popular brands of insulation batts – have you noticed any trends with regards to preference towards different brands?

Many of our customers already know what they want before they contact us. They will have been recommended a certain brand by a friend, or seen a particular product advertised. Recently we have seen a trend towards Knauf’s “Earthwool” insulation batts. People love the soft feel of the batts and can hardly believe that they’re actually made from glasswool! Our policy is sell the customer what they need and what they want. A key question is usually which R-value of insulation batts is the most recommend for the area or ‘climate zone’ where the insulation will be installed.

About Pricewise Insulation:

Pricewise Insulation sells thermal and acoustic insulation batts to all capital cities and many regional centres in Australia. Their key brands include Knauf Earthwool, Pink Batts, GreenStuf, Bradford Gold Batts and Kingspan’s hi-performance insulation products.

Pricewise supplies ceiling insulation, wall insulation, underfloor insulation and reflective foil at wholesale prices to the commercial and home builder market.

In addition to their own insulation warehouses in Melbourne and Sydney, they also have an extensive network of partner suppliers throughout Australia. The business recently expanded into New Zealand and the Netherlands, and the management team are not ruling out capitalizing on further opportunities internationally.

To learn more about Pricewise Insulation visit their website here:

Press Contact:
Paul van Oord
Managing Director
Pricewise Insulation
11 Buch Avenue Epping, Melbourne, VIC 3076 Australia
+61 1300 729 639

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