Munich Plastic Surgeon Prof. Dr. Gress Offers Best Cosmetic & Reconstruction Surgery

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September 17, 2016: Simply realizing that you have an imperfect body is not enough. With cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery, you can transform the true way you look at yourself. In the last few decades, the progress of plastic surgery has made it much more accessible and affordable. In general, cosmetic surgery is an integral part of plastic surgery, except for the fact that there are more options.

With awesome facilities and more services available getting the right shape for your breasts or labia reduction is not so hard after all. A small known challenge that lots of women face is in knowing where to get labiaplasty or labia reduction. Procedures that deal with excess or uneven development of the labia are available for those hoping to handle any associated discomfort and even embarrassment. Many women have been pleased with the results of such procedures offered by Prof. Dr. Gress, the renowned cosmetic surgeon in Munich.

Prof. Dr. Gress has been specialized in the field of cosmetic surgery and offered a variety of aesthetic surgical procedures in his beauty clinic which includes intimate surgery, cosmetic surgery of the face, breast surgery, aesthetic surgery of the figure, reconstructive surgery and much more.

Labia reduction surgery is an extremely popular cosmetic surgery procedure. Sometimes, women choose to have this surgery for reasons other than pure aesthetic ones. Prof. Dr. Gress and his team are specialized on proven ways of cosmetic surgery, which they will present on the site. Website visitors can learn about the benefits, risks, procedure details and recovery time of each of the treatments.

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Prof. Dr. Stefan Gress is an experienced and certified plastic surgeon in Munich, specialized in intimate surgery, cosmetic surgery of the face, breast surgery, aesthetic surgery of the figure, reconstructive surgery, labia reduction surgery and much more. For more details visit

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