Plumber In DC Focuses On Commercial And Corporate Clients In Washington DC

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Plumber In DC is a plumbing company that serves both residential and commercial clients in Washington DC, where it is headquartered. Renowned for its excellent service delivery and thorough customer care, the company has enjoyed rapid growth and expansion both in its home city and in neighboring cities.

Plumber In DC offers a variety of general and specialized plumbing services to both residential and commercial clients in the greater Washington DC area. The family owned and operated plumbing company is certified and licensed as both Master Plumber and Master Gas Fitter in Washington DC. Some of the specialized services it provides include 24/7 emergency plumbing services, remodeling and renovation services, water heater services, and commercial plumbing projects. The company also offers the following general plumbing services: pipe leakage repair, garbage collection and disposal, sewer installations and repair, gas line repairs and installation, and bathtub repairs among others. Delving further into the services they offer can be done at

Originally founded as a small residential plumbing company, Plumber In DC has extended its client coverage to include commercial and governmental clients, too. According to the company's website, the company has restructured its operations in order to cope with the hefty workload that comes with large commercial plumbing projects. Before landing its first commercial client, the company's management considered large plumbing projects to be logistical nightmares. Back then, the company did not have adequate infrastructure or staff to handle several projects simultaneously. Therefore, the company could not afford to get bogged down by one or two long-term commercial clients without straining its operational capabilities.

Things started to change after some of its residential customers started referring their business plumbing jobs or their friends' or colleagues' institutional plumbing work to the company. Within a few years, the company was embracing their new client demands. So far, Plumber In DC has instituted some amazing management and operational strategies to cope and even "conquer" the commercial plumbing industry. For starters, the company has boosted its workforce, both in quantity and quality. After hiring additional staff, now the company maintains two rotating teams of highly skilled and experienced technicians; one team for residential clients and the other for commercial clients. All the technicians are highly trained with some having earned their Journeyman Plumber certifications and others the Master Plumber and Master Gas Fitter certifications. The technicians are skilled, trained and prepped for professional service delivery and ethical customer interactions.

Secondly, Plumber In DC has expanded its service provision portfolio to offer all the necessary commercial plumbing services — including all residential-type services. For instance, the company has extended its remodeling and renovation services to its commercial clients. The company is targeting corporate/business office remodeling and renovation projects in the commercial sector. With regional sub-offices and a functional customer service network, the company is now ready to catch the "big fish."

Plumber In DC has built a solid reputation in the plumbing industry for basing all its business operations on three ethical principles: honesty, excellent customer service, and efficiency. Dedicated and committed to achieving and maintaining the highest possible standards in service delivery, this company has revolutionized the plumbing industry in Washington DC.

Plumber In DC
Address: 620 Park Road NW #22, Washington, DC 20010
Phone: (202) 810-0624

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