BK Is Back With Another Promising Album 'No Pain'. Music To Be Released By Paystyle Records Inc.

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Music video release in September

15th Sep 2016: Paystyle Records Inc. is a very famous record label that is based in the city of Detroit. The audio company is known to deliver quality music and deliver the latest trend and techniques. Paystyle Records Inc. is now back with the recording artist "BK" who has given the green signal to release his new single 'No Pain' along with the music video. This highly anticipated music video is already deemed a classic and is expected to hit the market on the 30th of September, 2016. The single will also be available on iTunes and www.paystylerecords.com. Music lovers can stay tuned for the premiere of the video as the heat is just building up. Music lovers and the fans of "BK" can follow "BK" on Facebook @ Paystyle Records Inc. It is a song dedicated to the summer season which is full of joy.

The single music album has been burning up the radio airwaves across the globe and is sure to top the charts and sit on the top chair for a long time. The music lovers will definitely feel that the music collection will be incomplete till the album "No Pain, No Gain" is a part of the music library. It is perhaps the first time in the history of music that an album is considered to be a must buy even before its release. While “BK” is a very popular musician with millions of fans, another contributing factor for the popularity of the album even before its release is the fact that the album is released by Paystyle Records Inc which is known to provide the best music to the music lovers. So when both of them collaborate, it is but natural that the expectations will soar. Paystyle Records Inc is confident that it will live up to the expectation levels of the public.

About No Pain:

Paystyle Records Inc. recording artist "BK" has been given the green light! He's ready to release his new single "No Pain" along with the music video. The music video is already deemed a classic and comes with high anticipation to be released 9-30-2016. The single will be available on iTunes andwww.paystylerecords.com So stay tuned for the premiere of the video because BK is bringing that heat. Follow "BK" on Facebook @ Paystyle Records Inc.

URL: http://paystylerecords.com

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