Top Three Reasons Accounting For the Popularity of High Quality Airwheel MINI Electric Walkcar

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - 19, September 2016: Along with the growing demand for low carbon travelling, Airwheel electric walkcar, a way to deal with this situation, has been welcomed by most people. From its design to the security system, Airwheel electric mobility scooter is an urban transport, suitable for short and medium distance.

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There are a thousand of Hamlets in a thousand of people's eyes. Then why the scooter fans love Airwheel electric mobility scooter? Even though everyone has his or her own reason, there are top three reasons accounting for the popularity of Airwheel electric walkcar.

Convenient commuting

Urban dwellers should participate in the act of reducing motor vehicles pollution. We should advocate green ways of commuting, such as taking buses, riding bikes, car-pooling and even walking. But some objective factors hinders our response to the call for low-carbon commuting. With the emergence of Airwheel eco-friendly electric hoverboard, we are able to bring down the number of motor vehicles on the road for short-distance commuting. It is now the best alternative to automobiles to reduce pollution.

A desirable tool to do exercise

Research has proven that to one who insists on riding every day, the risk of suffering from coronary heart disease is 50 percent lower than who doesn’t do exercise, and at the same time has better physical health status. Adhering to exercise is difficult for the busy office workers, but Airwheel self-balancing electric scooter helps people do exercise on and off work.

Although Airwheel standing up electric scooter is powered by electricity, it still consumes calories. At the same time, it can improve people’s balancing ability and nerve reflex flexibility, which trains our shoulders, ridge, arms and legs, and builds up our body as well.

Enjoying the quality time with family and friends

At weekends, a couple of good friends or a family of three sometimes go to the restaurant, chess or poker room to relax. Approaching the nature is another good choice. With the help of Airwheel electric mobility scooter, whether physically strong or not, ones can move at the same speed, and the fast electric scooter can be taken to anywhere, like the forest and the place of interests.

What is your reason of choosing Airwheel intelligent electric scooter?

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