Theanine Dosage: An Herbal Remedy For Anxiety

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Press Release, 28th August 2016: Amino acids which are well known for being the building blocks of proteins are one of the essential nutrients that we require in our foods. The nutrients are made in the body and some needs to be taken from outside via foods and drinks. Theanine is also a kind of amino acids, which is actively found in green tea. Theanine is derived from the tea and also available in the market place as a supplement which is found very helpful in relieving the anxiety. The Theanine for anxiety is best called as an herbal remedy than a supplement as the same is not found in the body. This herb is well known for boosting the functional the body’s functions in a natural way.

Having tea at home or outside will surely boost the Theanine level of your body. But the amount at the time of intake varies widely as in an ordinary tea it can range from 10-5 mg, then to 46 mg as being the highest quality available in tea. The level of Theanine in any tea depends upon how young the tea leaves were at the time of harvest. Since, it is relatively available in higher concentrations in the tea plant leaves which are young and the buds of the plants. Asians have been drinking green tea for a long time. But scientists have only recently discovered green tea's incredible properties. Green tea contains so call powerful antioxidants that may relieve atherosclerosis, keep pathogens at bay, and prevent cancer. Those things are tremendous, but they aren't helpful for anxiety. L-theanine for anxiety, however, is a potent weapon in the fight against anxiety, amongst other things. L-theanine has amazing properties, including: helps sleep patterns, eases nicotine addiction, promotes a relaxed state, stimulates the immune system, increases clarity, provides a feeling of calm, and improves learning. Not only this, but L-theanine has very few, if any, side effects.

L-theanine has been shown to increase alpha brain patterns. These allow one to become more lucid while producing a profound calm. These brain patterns have been shown in people while meditating. When you take L-theanine close to bedtime, it helps lull you into a sleeping state. However, if you take L-theanine during the day it only makes you feel calm. The applications and benefits for this are tremendous. The problem with drinking green tea to acquire L-theanine dosage anxiety. Most green teas only contain small amounts of L-theanine. You need about 50-200mg of L-theanine to take advantage of its benefits. You can get L-theanine in capsule form from many natural food stores.

It should be noted that anyone with liver or kidney disease should consult their doctor before trying L-theanine for anxiety. Also, there haven't been many clinical studies to confirm the lack of side effects and/or any long term issues. So, do consult a medical practitioner before the consumption of the same in your diet as it can result in something undesirable too.

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