British "death ray" weapons will come out

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - The concept of directed energy laser weapon is proposed by the European missile group. The sample laser weapon will be completed before 2019, which proves that how the application of laser technology in land-based and sea based weapons. This burning laser pointer weapon can transform energy into laser beam which is one of the most deadly weapon of the British Ministry, this project aims at the British Royal Army, navy and air force soldiers beyond rivals.

Fallon said, Britain has a long history of military invention, dedicated tanks, fighter, "fearless" ships, radar and other advanced laser weapons to the world. He said: "the door of the Department of defense is open. We hope that the UK's top people can help us to continue to lead in the opponent.

The directed high powered laser pointer weapon is one of the first projects to obtain research funds. This light beam can be found in a variety of climatic conditions and tracking long-range targets.In the future, a death ray developed by the British army could replace the missiles fired by guns and warships.
British Defense Secretary Michael Fallon said that they want to abolish the Department of defense and the unnecessary procedures, in recent years, these factors have hampered the British advanced military idea into reality.
Another investment innovation project is a small device shaped like bubble beverage cans,when the aircraft is attacked, this 1000mw Laser Pointer can go out from the tail of projectile. The small device called "Hui Yun" system which will release a powerful radar electromagnetic waves, this 1000mw Laser Pointer can be used as bait to confuse the enemy missiles.
Laser weapons have incredible precision and speed of attack. British media analysts said there is no weapon can match the attack speed of 300mw Green Laser Pointer weapons. Once aimed, you can hit the target immediately. The enemy missiles launched a few seconds to combat, ground combat troops which have almost no time to deal with or avoid.
"A new type of laser weapon that can complement or replace an existing weapon system has potential advantages," said the Department of defense. It can be deployed to protect our maritime and land forces; for example, it can protect the ship from the missile threat, as well as to protect the soldiers from the mortar attack."

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