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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - For hair loss treatment in Ahmedabad there is the best clinic for the hair treatment which provides the best and permanent treatment for hair fall.


In today's world every person wants to live a good life with a better job and a nice personality. The personality of a man or a woman is greatly influenced by their hairs. Today almost every other person is having the problem of hair fall & due to hair problem people feels less confident and avoids meetings, parties and other family functions.

People are adopting many treatments but are not satisfied with them. For hair loss treatment in Ahmedabad there is the best clinic for the hair treatment which provides the best and permanent treatment for hair fall. The doctors at the clinic adopt only advanced techniques for hairs. One of the best techniques today is Hair Transplant.

It is a very scientific technique through which hair follicles are imparted from the patient fertile part of the body or scalp to the bald scalp. The fertile part from where the hair is picked is also known donor site and the bald area or scalp is known as recipient site.

Doctors mainly adopt two most famous techniques at the clinic they are:

Follicular Unit Transplant: In this method of hair transplant the scalp strip is measured depending on the number of follicular units required in the bald area. The process starts with dissecting the hairs under the microscope into follicular units. It is done by the highly skilled and trained surgeons. Then the follicular units are inserted into the fine slits which are made in the bald area and after a few days the hair starts to go grow where the follicles are inserted.

Follicular Unit Extraction: This is one of the most widely used techniques among doctors for the patient in which no stitches are used and no visible scars occurs after the surgery. In this method the hair roots are individually harvested one by one from the donor area by a micro punch device of 0.75 to 1 mm size. Then these follicular units are again transplanted to the bald area where incisions are made.

All the hair transplantations done by the Hair Specialist in Ahmedabad are only done under the local anesthesia so that a patient never feels discomfort. The process is done mostly in one sitting sometime 1 or more sitting are required based on the patients. The main aim of the clinic is to give them 100% satisfaction with maximum natural looking hair with long lasting effect.

Why the Clinic is best for Hair Treatment

1.Treatment is done with latest technology
2.The treatment is used which is best suited to anyone's daily routine.
3.Treatment is done up to the 100% satisfaction of the patient.
4.Doctors and surgeons having years of years of experience.
5.The clinic having the fresh and clean environment.
6.Patients get the treatments at very affordable rates.
7.The tools used for the surgery are sterilized after every treatment.

So if you are planning for hair transplant just get it done with best Hair specialist in Ahmedabad.

Address- Avenues Cosmetic Clinic
402, 4th Floor, Jyoti Complex
Besides Parekh's Hospital
Nr. Shyamal Cross Roads
Satellite, Ahmedabad - 380015

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