How to Choose the Right Set of Poker Chips

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - The first thing anyone would notice about poker chips is that they have different colors, and each of the colors represents a separate cash value. If players are playing games using chips that are not marked, then they must decide on a value for each chip color before kick starting the game. In casino poker chips, their values are always marked on them and the quality of the chips are quite different from one another. You would know about this if you read poker books.

The best quality of poker chips and professional grade types are found in casinos, which are made from heavy weight clay composite. In casino chips, the logo or picture of the casino is usually found in the center of the chip. The cash value is also seen on each of the chips, and they are worth the actual cash value printed on them. Different casinos have poker chips that are specially designed for gamblers for use in the casino.

It is not possible to find casino chips in retail stores as the real used ones are destroyed for safety reasons. Any poker player wishing to buy a set of casino-quality type of poker chips will find similar ones from most poker supply distributors.

When buying poker chips, you have to first find out how many players will be playing and how many chips they will need during certain games. The 300 and 500 chip sets are the popular options and they are available in the market. However, there are also other chip sets such as 1000 chips, 750 chips, 400 chips, and even 200 chips.

To make the decision easier for you on the number of chip sets to buy, you ought to have a number of players in mind. For 3 to 4 players, 300 chips is enough; 4 to 6 players, 400 to 500 chips; 6 to 8 players, 500 to 650 chips; and for 8 players or more, 1000 poker chip sets is recommended, even in poker books.

Assuming you want to consider the number of chips per player, then you can choose from 35 to 50 chips per player. Though, this is only a suggestion but also a good idea. Just remember that you can hardly go wrong when you go with higher number of chips for a particular number of players. There is no rule in poker books that says you can have too much poker chips in your chip set, it all depends on your budget.

Now that you know about chip sets, here are some ways in which you can ascertain their quality. The first step is to check the label, and try scratching it off with your fingernails to confirm that the designs are centered. You may also rub two hot-stamped chips against each other to see if the texts will wear off. There are several other ways to test the quality of your chips; you can read them up poker books. For more visit

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