Intro to Ninjas in Naruto Online—Ningendo

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Naruto Online, the most fun online Naruto game, is now live. This game contains ninja collection, ninja cultivation, summons collection, Instance PVE, multiple PVP and many other game methods. If you’re a fan of MMORPG online games, you will not want to miss Naruto Online!
The Six Paths of Pain is a very popular ninja organization from the original Naruto anime. The Six Paths is the general name of the six ninja corpses controlled by Nagato, the ringleader of the Akatsukis. Every Pain has the ability to operate one of six systems, viz. Tendo, Ningendo, Shurado, the Animal Path, Gakido and Jigokudo, of which Tendo is the core. The Pains also have the ability to share their visions, help and cooperate with each other in times of need, and speedily respond to attacks from mortal enemies. Today we will introduce Ningendo.

Ningendo now appears in Naruto Online and has formidable power and skills. His skills in the game are listed below.

Soul Swallow
[Prompt] Cause ninjutsu damage to the selected enemy and absorb no more than 40 chakra points as well as cause chaos and knockdown.

Taijutsu Attack
Attack the front enemy and maybe cause a 4 combo as well as low float.

Body-Soul Separation
Chase and attack the selected enemy and cause ninjutsu damage as well as knockdown and paralysis. This skill can be triggered at most 2 times per round.

Genjutsu—Mirror Return
Transfer to the enemy units the first debuff your own units receive in each round.

Increase the combo rate of all “Rinnegan” attribute units in your lineup by 60%. This effect will last for 5 rounds.

Powerful single-unit damage, multiple control skills, passive mirror-reverse, etc. It can be inferred that Ningendo is not only useful in Ninja Exams but also holds the key to forming many lineups. If you’re stuck and still wondering which ninja to take into a Ninja Exam or into battle, Ningendo is a rather good choice.

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