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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - It is not surprise that 100 years old supermarket Walmart is greatly challenged by rising star Amazon. Latest Data according to famous Wall Street Investment Banking Piper Jaffray, warehouse around 20 miles network already covered 44% America People. While in 2015 this number is 38%, 26% in 2014.

Online businesses have been looking for further increase for many years, and certainly it will be the mainstream in the future business. It is not so necessary for people to go to local store to select their favourite products. Just several clicks and then you will get it.

While people’s ideas always in changing. How to meet their higher demands maybe the next point. Aliyoyo Sci-tech Co., Ltd is such a company interest us. We are also wondering how they define the next customer demand and how they act.

For our information checked aliyoyo is a crowdfunding based platform, they collect ideas from all over the world, land it and help creators sell it to public. With so many people there love cool ideas, also love fancy products. As talked with Mr Zeng, we got this is what they have been insisting on. ‘’Your idea is the base we stand here. We believe great idea not only belongs to great man, people you and me also have great ideas. Not only this point, we also built our own sales platform from the day we established. We resolve to build an interest, professional, all people involved platform to support great ideas.” Mr Zeng. Currently, they already helped lots of creators to share their ideas to each corner of the world, products include wearable devices,
VR,Drones, Robots, smart home accessories, cameras, phone accessories and so on. We never sell common products, cool & fancy & beauty & functionality is our pursuit.

How they got such an idea?
‘’Aliyoyo grows from a tiny but great idea as connect people and create for the world. Aliyoyo people realized that in the future, collaborate work and customized products will be inevitable. To this end, Aliyoyo team integrate excellent creatives, designers, manufactures and sales. Create value for more people is our value” Mr Zeng.

“Your idea is the base we stand here”. Almost everyone here believe great idea not only belongs to great man, people you and me also have great ideas. Aliyoyo Sci-tech collect great ideas all over the world, then make it true by the power of crowd. If just idea collection, maybe they will be common. From the first day they established, they built their own sales platform. Full industry chain combination is their final goal and they resolve to build an interest, professional, all people involved platform to support great ideas.

In the future, online store or maybe E-commerce will be evitable and who will be the next challenger after Amazon challenged Walmart? Maybe Aliyoyo is one of the answer.

Brief Introduction of Aliyoyo:
Aliyoyo is young while we have a professional team. More than 200 full time or part time engineers and designers work for us. Long time effort, we are proud of our matured capacity to integrate whole chain of manufacture. With good cooperation between many Hardware Design companies, manufacturers, we are capable to land your idea perfectly.

Now, Aliyoyohas three offices with our headquarter located in Beijing and Shenzhen branches, all of us responsible for different parts to serve creators. For more please visit

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