The First Dual-Ride-Mode 2-Wheeled Self Balancing Motorcycle—Airwheel S6

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - 22, September 2016: Airwheel, as a leading scooter industry, devotes itself into bringing more intelligent and safer transport as it has a stronger appreciation of the importance of convenience and safety. The recreational purpose and the practical are wrapped into Airwheel mini electric scooter, putting Airwheel on the map. Airwheel S6 mini electric scooter, the first dual ride mode mini electric scooter provides riders with a special feeling.

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When others are torn between the practical purpose and the recreational function, Airwheel moved swiftly to make a quick decision. Airwheel found there was not any conflict between the practical purpose and the recreational function. The perfect combination between the two makes for the great success of Airwheel electric walkcar S6. Airwheel S6 two wheel self-balancing electric scooter provides riders with a special feeling. Intelligent and safe, Airwheel S6 makes everything is in control.

In the first place, we will look at the Airwheel S6 mini electric scooter from the aspect of utility. Many designated drivers choose it as their tools for riding instead of walk because of its multiple fold system, which can be easily put into the trunk. Many office worker choose S6 as their daily commuting vehicle. In the aspect of riding comfort, a fixed height can't satisfy all people to ride comfortably. So, we made a small change on the control rod to let the riders adjust the heights. As long as you are at the height of 1.5m to 2.1m, you will certainly be able to find the most comfortable ride height.

From the aspect of entertainment, Airwheel S6 is a brand new 2-wheeled electric self-balancing scooter in the new age. If users want to stand to ride S6, they can stand. If they want to sit, they can sit on S6 comfortably. The mobile App can position your scooter all day and kinds of data is in control. S6 can be manipulated by wireless remote control. Four buttons in the key covers various functions. The key is distinguished into different colours and shapes according to the use frequency. There is also a button backup. Hence, you can play it care-freely.

Practical and recreational, you cannot miss the Airwheel S6. Airwheel S6, the first dual ride mode mini electric scooter provides riders with a special feeling.


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