Smaller Managers And Technology Present Investment Opportunities, Says Leman Capital Management

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Small investment funds and rapidly advancing technology have the ability to offer greater returns to investors, according to Leman Capital Management, an algorithmic currency trading firm. Investors that are seeking real returns should look further afield that traditional large managers, says Daniel Leman, Managing Director of the company.

In a recent interview Leman has spoken about investment management in the foreign exchange market and the role technology can play. Leman Capital Management began operating 5 years ago and the company has a strong focus on using technological capabilities to revolutionise investment decisions.

“It is our belief that smaller, agile and more focussed funds have a great opportunity to distinguish themselves, especially in the FX market. After a few years of lackluster returns, a lot of investors are questioning the value that some managers add. In early 2016, many investors stepped back, but now understand they need investments that can yield real returns. Smaller managers could fulfil this need going forward, especially when they utilise the technology now available to them,” Leman said.

Leman Capital Management announced an impressive 34.6% return during the first half of 2016. The firm has an extraordinary track record, reporting a 62% return in 2015 and performing in the top 1% of quantitative asset management firms for the three consecutive years. The returns are exceedingly strong when the poor performance of many other funds is taken into consideration.

The firm utilises modern technology to allow it to take advantage of market anomalies that indicate investment opportunities. Through the use of computer algorithms Leman Capital Management can make light-speed trading decisions, an invaluable edge in today’s fast paced modern markets, and assesses the quality of financial data. Through this approach Leman Capital Investment is able to deploy new ways of investing and evolve from traditional investment concepts.

Leman Capital Management’s Quant Fund has over $100 million in assets and focuses on long-term investors. Investors are spread across the US, Asia and Europe.

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Algorithmic currency trading firm Leman Capital Management has been in business since 2011 utilising its in-depth knowledge of the ever changing financial markets to think in new ways about investing. The company employs the latest technologies to develop advanced solutions to challenging problems in the modern, high-speed electronic markets.

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