Better Sleep Pillow Launches New Product Lines

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - A company, a father-son team, named Better Sleep Pillow is giving families a new line of product which will provide a deeper and more satisfying sleep. Better Sleep Pillow has designed a pillow that will help people who suffer from pained muscles or poor circulation the comfort they deserve allowing them to wake up each day renewed with mental and physical vitality. With their new product line; Gel Fiber Fill Version, Memory Foam Original Version, White Goose down Version, Microbead Cloud Version, Memory foam petite version.

“The ergonomically designed pillow minimizes stress on your back, neck and shoulders, while at the same time helping to prevent that biting pins and needles sensation,” said Joe Berker, the founder and inventor in Better Sleep Pillow.

The pillows come in a variety of options, it covers different sleeping positions. People who are back sleepers have a thinner pillow which effectively ensures that their head is not pushed too far forward. “Back sleepers are now covered, our pillow comes with a neck cradling bolster in the lower bottom of the pillow, this allows perfect support and at the same time helps the head stay parallel, further adding to comfortable and satisfying sleep,” said Joe Berker while explaining the different types of pillows made by Better Sleep Pillow.
“Side sleepers and stomach sleepers have not been forgotten either, we have made products that caters for their needs,” added Joe.

For side sleepers to have a comfortable and satisfying sleep, they need a firmer pillow, one that can fill the gap between their ear and outside shoulder. With the firmer pillow and a gap, they are able to perfectly place their arm to the side or under the head; this allows the neck to stay in the best position giving the user a comfortable sleep. Stomach sleeper pillow comes thin and flat, this allows the user to rest the head at a low profile, something that experts observe, helps in improving the digestion.

Better Sleep Pillow is offering the customers a chance to try the comfortable and convenient better sleep solution Risk Free. The company is offering the pillows in a campaigned dubbed “ seek before you sleep options” where they are offering a 60 day money back guarantee. There is also a our “Try it At Home” and Pick 2 Program option, meant to give the customer to see for themselves the benefits of the pillows as outlined by the company.
“We believe in better tomorrows. The foundation of a better tomorrow is a sound and restful night’s sleep. The Better Sleep Pillow has been proven to meet this objective.” Said Jason Berke as he explained the problems which can be solved or alleviated from using the Better Sleep Pillow products. Jason says that people who suffer from Insomnia, back pains, stiff neck, TMJ and other conditions will find The Better Sleep Pillow a good companion at night. “There may not a pillow that will cure these ailments, but a better sleep will lead to a marked decrease in symptoms and discomfort,” added Jason.

About Better Sleep Pillow
Better Sleep Pillow is a father and son team committed to providing products that promote a deeper, comfortable and restful sleep. The duo like most of the people have had sleeping problems, waking up tired and numb, this led them thinking , giving birth to a design and production of Better Sleep Pillow.

For more information contact Jason Berke 312-933-1625 Detroit Michigan

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Jason Berke
Detroit Michigan

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