Waypoint Property Group Announces New High Cash-Flow Investment Category

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Waypoint Property Group Announces New High Cash-Flow Investment Category

Waypoint Property Group, a leading private real estate investment group adds a new high cash-flow investment category in their portfolio. The real estate investment group has been offering Class B investment to investors who are seeking consistent cash-flow, appreciation and tax benefits from their investment vehicle.

“Our focus to this point has been existing Class B conventional and Class B value-add apartment product to our investors but now we are focusing on being more inclusive, offering a new service line that creates high cash-flowing investment to our investor-Partners,” said the Waypoint Property Group Principal,Tara Wright while making the announcement.

Existing investors and potential investors will benefit from the newly added High Cash-Flow Investment Category, an addition to the Balanced Investment Category of apartment investments currently offered. This new investment category will offer existing Class-C conventional and Class-C value-add apartment product to the Waypoint Property Group offerings.

“These are older vintage apartment buildings will allow our investors to accumulate strong cash-flow for those who seek this weight to their commercial multifamily investments,” said the Waypoint Property Group Principal,Tara Wright while outlining the benefits new and existing investors will gain from the new plan.

Recently the company began to structure investment offerings under Rule 506(c) of Regulation D; this move gave the investors a safe harbor as they are now enjoying the exemption of the Security Act. The companyhad previously announced that will only accept Accredited Investors as defined by the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC); this has reaped fruits as the company has focused on qualifying investmentsand focused on maximizing the investors returns.

Tara says that just like their previous actions, the creation of the 'High Cash-Flow Investment Category' of apartment investments will help the company to offer their Partners and potential Partners a brand new way to capture what a lot of investors seek: consistent cash-flow.

Tara is excited about the new developments; the Partners will now have a complimentary investment category in the Class-C space. This new offering will offer investors regular and more cash-flow opportunity and generally less uncertainty than what the stock market has to offer. The plan also takes some of the sting out of illiquidity in commercial multifamily.

"Adding Class-C apartment buildings to our investment offerings is not only a natural evolution to the Waypoint Property Group brand, but it also captures a strong trend we're seeing in the commercial multifamily space," added Tara.

"We look forward to bringing our Partners investments now from both of our investment categories: Class-B and Class-C commercial multifamily," concluded Tara.

About Waypoint Property Group:
Waypoint Property Group is a private real estate investment company founded in 2014. The company aims at adding diversification and stability to the investment portfolios through participation in the acquisition, operation and optimization of commercial real estate.

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