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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Most of us have a certain number of prints, printed images, paper photos that have accumulated for years. Images stored on different media - paper images of different sizes, transparencies in rolls, cut plates, membranes, slides ... Some of the photos have inherited from our grandparents, parents, and then we did it ourselves camera film, only recently taking pictures with a digital camera. Such reminders of the years become a unique record of its own history.

No matter how the images are protected, If we put pictures into albums or are arranged in bulk they fail to protect them against the slow destruction. The colors gradually disappear, there are scratches or curl. They deteriorate even faster light-sensitive materials - films, photographic negatives and slides. There are vertical stripes, colors fade, accumulate scratches and pollen. No conservation methods are not able to prevent this.

The only and best way would be to digitize family photo archive.

We service hotel with photos, reproductions and mosaic - a wonderful gift to be inserted into the frame of the photograph. Mosaic images are interesting, original and original gift idea. Your image is converted into an image - a portrait made up of thousands of small pictures. Move your prints - paper printed photos of the pictures in digital quality. Photo from a photo using the latest Canon technologies, we guarantee the highest standards of quality prints. More details here: http://digitalizacjazdjec.pl/

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