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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - In our e-shop with products for farm animals we provide popular and unique products at prices lower than in stationary stores supermarkets and hypermarkets.

We have products to help all the most popular breeding animals. We carefully select accessories, toys, and foods for domestic animals that come from reputable and trusted manufacturers: Royal Canin, Bento Kronen, Versele-Laga etc.

In our online pet store You can find not only foods for dogs and cats, but also equipment for inhabitants of the terrarium and aquarium.

Pets Shop offers a wide range of products for pets country divided into categories: birds, cats, dogs, fish, rodents, reptiles, wild.

For "birds", we offer a wide selection for parrots and canaries: frames, furniture frames, accessories and kits for frames as well as dispensers and swimming pools.

We offer a wide selection for cats - pet food, accessories, scratching posts, litter trays, bowls, bedding, collars, toys, litter, tunnel, treats, brushes, leashes, harnesses, clothing and care products. Categories "dogs", we offer a wide selection of pet food, accessories, muzzles, bedding, bowls, collars, toys, treats, brushes, leashes, harnesses, bags for dog together, pads for puppies, clothing and care products. Categories "fish" we offer a wide selection for the inhabitants of fresh water and marine aquariums, accessories aquarium accessories for aquariums kits Aquarium, lighting, preparations, filters, heaters, aerators, covers, pumps, fertilizers, decorations, plants, means for water and other.

we offer a wide selection for rabbits, hamsters, rats, mice, guinea pigs, ferrets, chinchillas like frames, furniture frames, food, accessories, birdbaths, feeders, sand, sleepers, flasks and vitamins. Categories "wild" we offer selected food and delicacies for wild animals. A separate chapter is "gifts" that sells gadgets, calendars, puzzles, bags, mugs, etc. More details: http://mikrozoo.sklep.pl/

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