Airwheel high quality folding mini escooter - Kindling Your Enthusiasm towards Life

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Ever since its establishment in 2004, Airwheel has made great strides forward. It has already integrated its portable transportation industrial chain and has made its brand name world-famous. Its success stems from its vision to enable people live freer with the help of intelligent tools. On account of this, Airwheel has built partnerships with research institutions all over the world so that it can improve its product development and manufacturing to help people find passion and joy from life and to make them achieve higher personal values.

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For Airwheel is customer-oriented, its products pays great attention to user experience. Using cutting-edge technology, these products aim to kindle your enthusiasm towards life. For example, Airwheel C5 intelligent helmet, with its super multi-functions, lets you enjoy the pleasure of doing sports and helps to push your limits; Airwheel Z5 foldable electric scooter, mini but powerful, gives you a fast riding, improves your commuting efficiency and gives you a good mood; and Airwheel E3 backpack e bike, incredibly small, lets you travel light and happy.

Airwheel C5 intelligent helmet is multi-functional. Made of tough materials and adopting an integrated technology, C5 can protect your head under harsher environment. Equipped with a high-performance camera, C5 can reproduce high-contrast pictures and videos. In addition, you can interconnect C5 to App and indoor network hot spot to simplify operation, and you can also answer phones and listen to music through its Bluetooth speaker.

Airwheel Z5 2-wheeled electric scooter is an edge tool for commuters. Slim in figure, Z5 can take you forward even in crowded streets. Its modular battery is in external design and swappable, so you can upgrade its range with backup batteries and there is no cause for concern about out of power halfway. And the obverse standing posture is in accord with Ergonomics and offers more comfortable riding experience.

Airwheel E3 backpack e bike represents the intelligent e bike in intelligent era. With its multiple folding system, E3 folding electric bike can be folded to be as small as a backpack, which can save much room and let you enjoy the convenience brought by this modern transport tool.

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