Airwheel C5 Intelligent sport helmet can record the journey, like GoPro Camera

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - So far, Airwheel has successfully completed the chain integration and brand globalization in portable intelligent transport industry. Over 30 million players from 168 countries benefit a lot from riding Airwheel intelligent electric scooters. Airwheel launched Airwheel C5, an intelligent GoPro helmet for road safety, at the CeBIT 2016 in Germany, marking its first step in the wearable device area.

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Speaking of the wearable device area, GoPro, Inc. is a household name who manufactures eponymous action cameras and develops its mobile apps and video editing software. GoPro is developing its line of action cameras, and eventually video editing software. In the wearable device sector, though Airwheel C5 smart helmet is a maiden attempt, it has won good appraisal.

Apart from the basic safety protection during the ride, Airwheel C5 helmet camera is more popular with the people who are fond of selfie and willing to share their photos and videos with their kin and kith. Under the selfie-obsessed and adventurous culture, Airwheel is soon catching on to those people. Airwheel C5 is equipped with 2k (2304X1296) camera, combined with 150°FOV recording every splendid moment in riding.

Airwheel C5 sport camera integrates the function of taking videos and photos in the professional level. OV4689 provides timing framework for full resolution HDR capture using the "sequential HDR" or line based "interleaved HDR", and 1/4 HDR using the " interlacing HDR". These modes produce high quality, full resolution and high pixel HDR video for extreme changes in light and dark conditions, ensuring high contrast and excellent scene reproduction. Compared with the camera on the phone, Airwheel C5 is wearable and thereby it is more stable than the phone camera when the user takes photos.

Of course, the accompanying App enables riders to control the video, take pictures and retrospect the wonderful images in simplified operation. Riders also think highly of the specially designed denoiser microphone and Bluetooth speaker. Like GoPro camera or GoPro helmet, Airwheel C5 action camera is to present high-contrast and high resolution shooting performance, recording every moment of your journey and providing an immersive experience to others.

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